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victim. it was twed for fonsic analysis. police were asked about a possible motive for the crime. >> at this time it does not look li bbery. we are still looking for a motive in the case. >> reporter: the apartment complex does not have a security camera. a man is dead after being gunned down at a bus stop at 8:30, southern avenue in soueast washington. the man was shot several times and died on the scene. no arrests have been made. police only have a vague description of the shooter. democratic d.c. mayoral nominee will meet with d.c. chancellor of schools michele rhee. rhee has come under fire for firing teacrs in the district he will continue aggressive education reform and that may or may not include rhee.
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4ln 31. time for traffic and weather in the one. is it going to be warmer today? >> there's a moon in the sky like a big pizza pie. >> are you going to start singing tous? >> you know what that ? >> that's amore. >> that's amore. right now 69 in washington. mid-60s in montgery, fairfax, print george's county. right now out of the mountains of weern maryland. many locations in the0s. around tidewater, around the bay in maryland and lower eastern shore, it's in the 60s this morning. t view from space showing a generally clear sky now. we have a few clouds beginning to move from the west, into the mountains at this hour. a weak disturbance coming through later this afternoon that might trigger an isolated
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thundershower. going to be feeling like summertime. up near 90 degrees. a small chance of a thundershower this evening. tomorrow, still up around 90 as well as friday. a little bit cooler for the weekend. jerry, how is traffic? >> lots of overnight construction. if you look very carefully you might be able to see flashing lights. travel lanes in the process of being reopened over here. let's head over to andrews. inner loop of the capital beltway. the right side of the roadway blocked overnight. they're in the process of picking that up. other than that, let's hope it's a better day than what we had to put up with yesterday. >> we have a trafc alert for driver who use i-270 in the early morning hours. all four lanes will be shut down at exit 10. that's the dialed avenue exit overnight into tomorrow morning. the closures will last for two
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15-minute intervals. use 355 as an alternate. during the closures, crews will be putting up an overhead sign which will link 270 and i-95. the first section is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year or early 2011. well, this morning a woman is alive and lucky and thankful after firefighters rescued her from her burning town home. chopper 4 ctured the damage as it flew over the scene. flames broke out on brook ridge court in montgomery village. the woman was actually sitting in the window of the second floor to get away from smoak wh fire crews arrived. they used a ladder to rescue her. the fire began in the kitchen and quickly filled the down stairs with smoke. investigators are digging deeper into what drove a man to
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kill his mother. police found another handgun at the home. no signs the crime was premeditated. the u.s. sueme cot refused to stay the execution. teresa lewis received a senten after being convicted of providing sex an money to kill her husband and stepson in 2002. she was trying to collect a quarter million dollar insurance payout. governor bob mcdonald denied lewis clemency. the lastoman to be executed in virginia happened in 1912. a former virginia chiropractor who treated the capitals will be on three years of probation for steroid charges. he pled guilty in a florida courtroom to possession of a
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controlled substance. nagel said the drugs were for personal use. however, a florida supplier were said they were for professional athletes. three caps players admitted that he gave chiropractor treatment but denied using steroids. republicanslocked an effort to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military yesterday. but senate majority leader harry reid said he plans to bring up the issue after the november elections. craig melvin talked to some local people whowill be listening. >> he was in the air force for five years. >> ranked number one in my class. pilot's lot. a female went to my commander and said he's gay. >> he watchedclosely as the senate took up repeeling the 17-year-old on gays serving openly in the military.
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instead of questioning the merits. they questioned the motivation of the timing of the vote. >> this is a plate ont ploy to try to galvanize the political base of the other side which is facing a losing election. >> those supporting the repeal are hoping to win over mod rot susan collins. she appeared swayed. >> i think i's the right thing to do. i think it's only fair. >> but collins and all republican senators voted no. posturing stopped the measure this time. a local minister is thankful for deay. >> the elections are coming up soon. overall, i'm glad we're going to slow down and try to get at the right answer instead of doing what's political experience. >> it won't come up before the november midterms exploring the
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affects of a repeal. for david hall, that's long way. >> there are 66,000 gays and lesbians. every day they go to work wondering is today the day'm going to get fired. last year president obama pledged to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy. yesterday the white house said it was, quote disappointed but will keep trying. larry summers says he will leave post as directors of the national economic council and return to his teaching job at harvard. it comes amid economic recovery. he would be among the three to leave this year. 66 degrees. ahead on news 4, early look at a highly anticipatedbook of life inside the white house. several leaders locked up
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acsed of pocketing millions of dollars. and the return of summer heat. your weather and traffic are next. ♪
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capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world. good morning. time for weather and tffic early on this wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. off to a clear sky. we'll have our temperatures that areow in the 60s climbing to near 90 by midafternoon. not the record, though, for the day. we will have a small chance of a
4:41 am
passin shower or thunder shower late this afteron or perhaps early this evening. otherwise, partly cloudy today, tonight, and tomorrow. again, near 90 on thursday. up around 90 again on friday wi more sunshine around. a bit cooler as we get into the weekend. morning lows mid-60s. afternoon hghs into the mid-80s. a look at sunday and next week in ten minutes. jerry, how is traffic? >> first check of the morning where it appears the travel lanes have pkd up. camera position at the ryland district border, eastern avue. th directions moving along quite nicely. south of town, wilson bridge, no hangups. 301 and route 5 doing fine. bay bridge, both directions okay. travel lanes are open. greenbelt to silver springs. eun? >> so far so good. >> 4:42.
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66 degrees. a book that clai to shed light on the inner workings of the obama white house. it will be the nex big video game craze. why soldiers are being told they cannot play it. a brutal attack outside a a[ male announcer ]side a antiquecan be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you ill using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network it's time for fios. visit call the verin center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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4:44 is your time. a prince orge's county woman is dead after someone murdered her in the middle of the day. one witness reported a ooting, but police have not died whether the woman died from a gunshot wound. police have not identified the motive or the shooter. a man dead 8:30 last night, southern avenue, southeast washington. no arrests have been made and police have not identified the shooter of course. we'll hear from the owners of two iowa farms whose eggs were linked to that massive salmonella outbreak.
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itmade some 1,000 people across the country sick and led them to recall 000 eggs. fda have also been called to testify as well. nbc's tracie potts has more. >> reporter: today the owners of two iowa egg farms will explain how salmonella infected their plants. jack of wright county eggs blames chicken feed from an outside supplier. the fda found filthy conditions. >> manure piles old enough that maggots were forming. rat holes that allowed rats to enter the facility. >> reporter: she blames the government for not doing more. >> i told the usdafficer about it and she said, well, good back and do your job. >> we try to find the problem after it occurs.
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>> reporter: they have been in trouble before. the labor secretary called his main operation a sweat shop. they recalled a half a billion eggs after the fda asked him to. congress has since learned wright county eggsested positive for salmonella 426 times in the last two years. 73 of those samplesere the exact same strain in last month'secall. those test results were not included in cuments he supplied to congress. today he'll be asked why. both are the subject of several investigations. a new book suggests members of preside obama's national security team has doubts his strategy in afghanistan will work. journalist bob wodward details intense policy and turf bales inside the white house called "obama wars." he said the president areed to
4:47 am
triple troop levels there. sit due out next monday. military bases across the country are banning the sale of a new video game. this edition of medal of honor allows players to shoot u.s. troops in a virtue afghanistan. it is rated for strong violence and language. it was originally banned at only u.s. naval bases. it was a creative risk but the company is standing by i product. a maryland candidate is dead this morning after she was hit by an suv over the weekend. natasha pettigrew died in the hospital. she was hit a cadillac escalade sunday morning while riding her bicycle on landover road in larg the driver told police e did not realize she had hit anyone until she got home and found the bicycle lodged their hersuv. at this point police have not
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charge the driver in the case. police are looking for a second suspect who stand and robbed a man at akirt mall in prince william county. it happened yesterday outside caerbury. two teens attacked the man while he wasworking, appraising the property. he was taking tickets when the teens approached him, demanded his camer cell phone and wallet. they kicked and beat him in the stomach. we're told the victim is in stable condition. police arrested one suspect and are still searching for a second. mayor, former city manager, and six curre and former officials from a los angeles superb will be a reaped today on corruption charges. they rounded up city officials who represent the small low income town of bell. they used $5 million of taxpayer money to pay themselves.
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the city manager is accus of setting his salary at $800,000. that's more than double what president obama makes. california's attorney general sued city officials demanding a return of their hefty salaries. the redskins have parted ways with one of their elite runningbacks. larry johnson was cut from the team yesterday. he carried the ball five times for two yards. he was pulled after a ten yard loss in the fouth kwart. johnson has struggled since the preseason. he was part of what has become a lethargic running attack for the skips who put up 100 yards in two games. the passing attack has been on record pace. yesterday, donovan mcnabb tried to use that energy to break a different kind of record. he and teammates hosted a fitness section to help combat
4:50 am
obity. they broke the guinness world record for the largest virtual exercise lesson wi 646 kids. mcnabb says he opens the exercises taught on the field will help d.c. children lead healthier lives. >> you seeuys who care and an organization who cares as well. trying to eliminate obesity, high pressure, hypertension and everything. it all starts with having the right mind-set, working out, eating right and getting the kids outside. paul, alexander, olson and macintosh joined in on the record-breaking fun. good for tm. it looks like donovan has moves. >> getting kids outside and getting them moving is the big key. >> there you go. >> if we could solve that problem, we would be a long way from solving that obesity problem. >> there is value in recess. >> jake's favorite subject.
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>> a bit of a recess from fall as we all have warmer temperatures moving in. it will feel a lot like summer later today. there's the washington monument under a mostly clear sky. getting low at 69 sat national airport. much warmer than the last several mornings. it's little more humid but not really typical summertime humidity. rightow in the suburbs, most locations in the 60s mid-60s in prince george's, montgomery counties. southern maryland near the way. weather watchers reporting near 70. farther to our west, weather watchers, upper 50s, near 60. panhandle of west virginia. shep dough wa generally in the low 60s western md 34d md. around virginia's tidewater, eastern shore, it's generally in the 60s with that bright moon low in the western sky. jupiter is the bright spot. view from space showing a mostly
4:52 am
clear sky. a few showers showing up in eastern kentucky. perhaps late this afternoon a chance for a passing shower. otherwise, a few clouds coming in as we reach near 90 by midafternoon. sunris 6:56 sunset, 7:05. overnight tonight, a chance of a passing shower, maybe a little thunder through mid evening. otherwise, partly cloudy. by dawn, upper 60s thursday. another hot day tomorrow. up around 90 during the afternoon. getting a little more humid. d should be partly cloudy to mostly sunny at times. hot again up around 90 or so. morningows near 70. dryer air and cooler weather for saturday with highs in the low to mid-80s with lots of sun. another disturbance coming our way. moisture arou the region sunday and monday. a chance for passing showers. the extended outlook. and maybe temperatures in the 70s. stay tuned. this is subct to change.
4:53 am
extended outlook not nearly as accurate as the four-day forecast. and we'll probably dry oext week. rry, how is the traffic? >> clear, dry, road services. in the process of being picked up if notlready. along interstate 270, several stretches of construction at urbana, rockville. all of which appears t be out of the roadway. still may be construction on the north bound side in gathers burg but not a major issue at this hour. let's head over and see how we're doing through southeast. south capitol street, douglas bridge. making the trip to pennsylvania avenue at the bridge. nobody is there. oh, there's one car. i feel better now. >> got up just to talk to you. thank you very much. well, the reas no cars, because this is car-free day. people from around the world are leaving their cars, trucks, suvs in the garge and walking and
4:54 am
taking public transportation to work. the move car free day is to push city planners to think about cycling and other transportation besides automobiles. and more people are riding the metro. ridership w up 1.2% april and june from the same time last year. it had 54 million trips. public transportation ridership is also up nationwide. 4:54 your time. 66 degrees. when 270 is going tbe shut down. plus, hollywood star meryl streep is in d.c. fighting for a cause. also, production worthy of hollywo put on by local librarians. why they're letting their hair down to raise awareness. next, a brew that won't cost
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you. why budweiser isñq [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so y are you still using an antie cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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attention beer drinkers, this is the news you have been waiting for. free beer. anheuser-busch is putting new meaning in this bud's for you. the company is giving away free samples at many restaurants and bars on september the 29th. they're calling the event annual
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budweiser happy hour. they hope it will attract younger drinkers. carrying on too much weight could not only take a toll on your health but your wallet a well. george washington says missed work, medical care for obesity can be estimated. women will spend more th $8,000 a year. men will rake up $6,500 in expenses. two-thirds of americans are either overweight or obese. actress meryl streep stopped by d.c. to raise money to go towards the effort to buy property to build the museum. the house passed legislation last year that would authorize it. a vote is pending in the senate. chances are you've never
4:59 am
quite seen librarians like these. ♪ librarians from the eight branches of the regional library came together to create this goofy remake of gloria gaynor's "i will survive." they say they wanted to send a message that libraries around the country are being forced to do more with less because of bget cuts. >> how are we going to get through this? we have had cuts to hours. our book budget has been slashed. h will we survive? it just came to us. >> it has become a viral sensation. have you seen it? >> i have seen it. whywould you call that goofy? a t of fun. v
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